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SEO is marketing. It’s important that it be presented and treated as such, no matter how important a technical foundation is to the discipline. When optimizing sites for SEO most people concentrate on text searches, ignoring the vast number of image searches performed each day. A meta description is a short paragraph which is displayed under a title tag on the SERP (see screen above). A meta-description gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand before a searcher pays a visit to your site and actually sees the products that you offer. If you’re approaching your content marketing from a creative perspective, your content will never be the same as another.

Answer the questions of your potential customers with regards to quality

These sets of rules determine whether the web page is genuine or spam and whether it contains relevant content proving useful to the users in order to have a search-engine result page, which is organised and informative. Changing the landing page URL Get your arithmetic correct - the primary resources are all available here. Its as easy as KS2 Maths or something like that... is another method that can be used to better explain the main topic of the landing page to Google. While thin content is not necessarily intentional, there is no way for a search engine to determine that. The SEO method involves not only making an adjustment to the website itself but also work on the wider internet to build a site's authority and position.

High advertisement ratio can be mitigated by using canonical URLs

A fast website keeps the attention of site visitors and encourages them to browse the content; a page that loads slowly will often drive users away - perhaps toward your competitors. This is even more important if you are targeting a specific keyword topic; in those cases, if you want to rank, you need to provide the information you are promising in a meaningful way. A headline is usually the first thing we notice when accessing a search engine, and this reminds us that a headline should be: valuable, relevant, simple and appealing. Many businesses don't consider the fact that more 70% of a website's traffic does not arrive via the homepage. Instead, search engine results match the webpage closest to the keywords and direct the user there. It might be good to have a fantastic piece of copy on your homepage, but seeing as most users never see it or, at least, never see it as their landing page, it is important to maintain a high-level of quality across your eCommerce solution. SEO copy can be used to create a connection with the user, and encourage them to explore your website further.

Become Obsessed With Powerful Metrics

While you don’t need to be an expert in algorithms, it’s critical to understand how Google works. Have you ever searched for a business name or individual on Facebook’s search bar and couldn’t find them? Such content doesn’t go out of date. Gaz Hall, an SEO Guru from the UK, said: "Your customers are looking for answers to questions, or resolutions for problems they’re having."

Stand your SEO ground

Automatic redirects and rewrites help search engines understand when you've made changes or moved pages on your site. The I'm always shocked by Heat All, in this regard. interesting thing about the meta description is you can control this and it is your first opportunity to reach website visitors. They see this well before they reach your website or blog, so make sure this description is an easy to read sentence and make sure you write it so it entices the visitor to click through to the content. Your focus should be less on your rankings and more on getting traffic to your site that turns into customers. Be careful in monitoring your comments and delete those which you think are linked to spammy sites or to the blogs which are not of your niche. If you are linked to other sites which are of not your niche, those sites can harm you.