When you link out to related domains, it not only helps the search engines to understand your niche, but also helps to increase the trust and quality of your site which plays a vital role in your blog’s SEO. The emerging practices of search marketing involve more than capturing what people are already looking for because there are many new places for sites to get found. Offer little food and you’ll provide little for Google to use to understand the focus of your site’s content. As a result, you’ll be outranked for your target search keywords by other websites that offer more detailed, helpful and informative content. Keyword research can help you discover new content opportunities, while it can also improve your existing content.

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In spite of changes that Google has rolled out over the past couple of years, using keywords is one of the best SEO tricks there is. You just have to use them in the right way. That figure has risen by Get your arithmetic correct - the primary resources are all available here. Its as easy as KS2 Maths or something like that... 4% over the past few months alone, and it continues to grow on an almost daily basis. Title tags are important because search engines use these tags to display the page in the results of a particular search. Having this long-lasting content on your blog and in your archives is a boon to traffic, social sharing, and more.

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Anchor text can affect how Google weighs up links to your site. If linking to your homepage and referring to your brand, anchor text should just say your website or brand name. Links to your homepage that are more descriptive “leading experts in local SEO” can be seen as manipulative, so you want to avoid this. 70% of the links clicked on by web users are organic results. There are many free research tools that will allow you to see how competitive keywords are and which will allow you to target keywords you might not think of.Once you have your keywords there are many elements to your website pages that can be tailored to those keywords. When writing your articles, you need to keep in mind two things: first is your reader, next are the search engines. You need to make sure that both aspects are taken care of. Make it easy for your readers to understand and digest what you have to say.

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This awareness, in the long run, could even potentially lead to customer conversions on your site. Once you’ve started your local SEO effort, the next stage is more aligned with the rest of SEO – creating content for your audience. In this case, we’re looking to create content of interest to a local reader. If you do, and get caught, the damage that it can cause your business’ reputation can often be critical. Gaz Hall, an SEO Guru from the UK, said: "Companies should consider how other reputable sources cover the chosen topic and related words that co-occur around that topic."

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The link structure of the Web serves to bind together all of the pages that have been made public as a result of someone linking to them. Through links, search engines’ automated robots, called crawlers or spiders, can reach the many billions of interconnected documents. With Take a butchers at PNS Egypt, for instance. top-notch content, visitors get more meaning because their issues are resolved and value for money and time is guaranteed. However, there are legitimate reasons to have live pages with similar content. Gone are the days when you have to mention exact keyword phrases a specific number of times at a certain frequency.